What’s all this about?

Community Expert TV is a division of Grenade Marketing Group, created with the mission of creating a new and exciting way for businesses and experts to communicate with the public and spread their message. Every good business has a great story packed to the brim with insights and it’s our aim to share those insights with the community. So, come along and learn with us all.

How do you guys work?

We use YouTube, Google+ Hangouts and some super special plugins in creative ways to make professional interview style productions to share the knowledge and sentiments of our guest experts and business leaders. We use YouTube again for our incredibly powerful Review Branding Commercials.

Why YouTube?

Well, because of this:
More than 1 BILLION unique visitors each month
Over 4 BILLION hours of videos are watched on YouTube
72 hours of video are uploaded every MINUTE
Looks like you’ve been bested, Cable TV.

I just received a call from you guys, what should I do?

Participate! If you’ve been invited to our program that means you have an incredible business that we’d like to showcase. You’ve been selected from among hundreds of candidates as an expert in your field and you should absolutely jump in.

If you’ve been invited to participate in our Review Branding Commercial beta program, you’re getting a wonderful opportunity. We performed a focus group study with 400 people and we found that after someone sees one of these commercials they are 70% likely to pick up the phone and call and 65% likely to recommend your business to a friend who may be interested in your services or products.