Expert Interview

Creating an Expert Interview

Creating an Expert Interview for your business will brand you (the CEO) and your business as the Go-To Business, and Market Leader in your niche.  This powerful branding along with the ability to show up on top of the Google Search results can have a massive effect on your businesses ability to generate new patients, clients or customers, no matter what your business niche.

Below is an example of the type of results that can be achieved with these marketing strategies. As you can see below, examples of the exposure we have generated for our customers. They are appearing at the top of the search results, even above the local business listings, and has dramatically increased new patient, customer, client acquisition.

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How does a local business leverage the power of Video Marketing effectively?


FIRST:Showcase your reputation in a video by recording a customer’s reaction to using your product or service. This will help build referrals to your business.

SECOND:Post videos that help solve common problems that potential customers may have. This will provide value to buyers and position you as a market leader.

FINALLY:Share your tips and strategies in a video on how a customer can make the right decision when selecting a business like yours. This will show you are an expert in your field and help provide insights of your business.

All of these tips will provide value to buyers looking for your business, and will prompt them to share the videos with everyone.

Our expertise is brand marketing and expanding a local business’s brand, using video, is one of our focuses.